The Creative Process

Paint-by-number is a simple and inexpensive but highly satisfactory creative process for young and old that guides you to a perfect personalized drawing.

  1. The paint-by-number drawing template we generate for you is a grid.
  2. Each cell in the grid has a letter, number or symbol that corresponds to a colour in a palette.
  3. Use any colouring technique with colours corresponding to the palette to fill the grid. You can, for instance, use acrylic paint, oil paint, crayons.. Covering paint is preferable, but not required. You can also use other techniques to create your personalized drawing, such as, stitching, coloured pearls etc.
  4. If you have made an error in the drawing, you can print it again at home as many times as you need. You can also give the drawing template as a gift to creative person – young or old.

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