About us

The CREATZ system is developed, owned and maintained by Sällberg Technologies e.U. (see, imprint).

Benny Sällberg PhD, CEO of Sällberg Technologies e.U. is the mastermind behind CREATZ. This is a brief story about him:

Benny started the Master’s programme in Electrical Engineering at www.bth.se / Sweden in 1999. His spezialication was in applied signal processing. The continued studies led to his doctoral degree in 2008 with a spezialisation in multi-dimensional signal processing. He has been industrially active in the field of multi-dimensional signal processing since 2005, and he holds several positions in this field, including: research director at www.exaudio.se/Sweden, CEO at www.basstm.at and owner at www.sallberg.at – both in Austria.

Benny loves the creative process and is a hobby painter using foremost acrylic and oil paint. He enjoys his family and his friends and he regularly challenges himself playing icehockey in the third OÖ-Landesliga with the www.voralpenkings.at.

The CREATZ System was originally developed as a response to satisfy the emerging creative needs of his three sons during the 2020 Covid19-lockdowns in Austria. The idea to allow others to use and enjoy the CREATZ System was a natural spin-off of the original development effort.

Get in touch with Benny if you want to know more about CREATZ: