Your personal CREATZ

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Upload your image and get a free preview of your personalized paint-by-numbers picture.

If you like the preview, you can order and download your personalized paint-by-numbers instruction asĀ  a PDF.

If your image file is large, please consider scaling it down so that the upload does not take so much time. The largest image dimension (width or height) should be 1000 pixels for best results.

Paper size:

Grid size:

You can get even better results by registering your own colors!
Fill out our calibration sheet and upload it to My-Account / Palettes.



A CREATZ Drawing is a paint-by-number generated from your uploaded image.

Paper size
It is possible to select different paper sizes (A5 up to A2).

Grid size
The grid size is the size of the cells in the paint-by-numbers grid. The smallest grid size is 3mm and the largest is 5mm.

You can select which palette to use. Choose a palette that best represents your available colours.


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